Welcome in the world Suzuki GSX-R150 & GSX-S150



Jakarta, November 2, 2016 – Suzuki is back provides the latest breakthrough and phenomenal
history through the initial introduction of a product that has been long awaited, the Suzuki GSX-R
150 and GSX-S 150. Indonesia was asked to become a country that did World Premier of Suzuki GSXR
150 and GSX-S 150 coincided with automotive event, Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS 2016) that
joined by PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales (PT. SIS) at the Jakarta Convention Center, 2 to 6 November,

Based on 2015 ago as a background, Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) Japan set motorcycle 100
business strategy plans for the next 5 years. One of the major strategies that will affect business in
Indonesia is focused on the development concept Suzuki motorcycle sport backbone capacities
ranging from 150cc.


Besides that, after successfully creating a GSX-R for more than 30 years as a benchmark for highperformance
sports bike in the world, Suzuki continues to develop new products following the best
engineering technology and more broadly in order to reach more consumers layers. The
philosophies used in the development of the GSX-R are Focus on the overall balance of performance,
Endurance-proven and Racetrack potential. The pinnacle of success can be seen from the success of
the Suzuki GSX-RR as a mainstay of Suzuki in Moto GP to reach the podium in the most prestigious
motor racing.

The application of technological development to the GSX-RR realized derivative products based on
the present trend. Suzuki GSX family members split in two models category, GSX-R and GSX-S. The
letter ‘R’ in the GSX-R signaling ‘Racing’ breath, while the letter ‘S’ in the GSX-S indicates the sense of
‘Street Sport’ who have a philosophy as an alter ego for the daily rider who crave high performance
but still maintaining control of the dynamic and fun. This differentiation is to give preference to the
rider who fits their lifestyle.


In line with the background and development strategy, Suzuki directly introduced to the world for
the first time a product that inherits the tradition of motor sport technology and Suzuki, the Suzuki
GSX-R 150 and GSX-S 150. Adjusting to love and lifestyle of Indonesian bikers who crave a 150cc
sport bike art, Suzuki created a new family member filled with the power and best performance in its
class. A pride for Indonesia to be elected to hold the World Premier Suzuki GSX-R150 and GSX-S 150,
motor sport stylish, compact and lightweight that has been waiting. Another advantage of the
spotlight is the selection of Indonesia as a production base Suzuki GSX-R 150 and GSX-S 150, which
is likely also to be exported to other countries.

Suzuki GSX-R 150 which has racing looks design, carrying 150cc DOHC engine fuel injection capable
of producing high performance. Its light weight makes the GSX-R is very fun to ride. Up-to-date
features such as LED Headlight, LCD Speedometer, and Easy Start System already use in this model.
Moreover, being a breakthrough from Suzuki is application of Key-less Ignition as the first
technological breakthrough in the history of being used on motorcycles manufactured in Indonesia.
Suzuki GSX-S 150 accompany the emergence of the GSX-R 150 as the best option for consumers who
prefer the comfort of a high-performance motorcycle riding. GSX-S 150 uses the same engine and
chassis with the GSX-R 150 is more sporty yet stylish and ergonomic, becoming a distinct advantage
and is not owned by any other motorcycle in its class. GSX-S 150 is suitable for everyday use as well
as a weekend riding hobby.



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