Detik-detik peluncuran all new FZ16 aka byson FI

launching yamaha fz16


New Features & Changes:

Here is a list of features and updates to the new FZ version 2:


  • New FZ V2 comes with a newly designed 149cc engine in place of the old 153cc.
  • New FZ V2 will come with Fuel Injection in place of the old Carburetter
  • New tech is called as Blue Core.
  • Yamaha says that it will increase combustion efficiency, power loss reduction and will aid in precise control fuel supply ignition timing
  • Yamaha promises better performance and higher mileage
  • New FZ V2 gets 14 percent increment in mileage
  • Specs wise, the new 149cc engine produces 13.1PS of power and 12.8Nm of torque as compared to 14PS and 13.6Nm of the outgoing variant.
  • New LCD Instrument Cluster with ECO Indicator
  • New front and rear suspension settings
  • Yamaha says they have also tweaked the chassis for a better ride.
  • New Front & rear tyres
  • At 132kgs, new FZ version 2 is 3 kgs lighter. It is the lightest 150cc in the market.
  • For performance: Yamaha says that if older FZ covers 100meters in x amount of time, new FZ will do 103 meters in the same time.
  • Yamaha recommends FI cleaning every 6000kms
  • Yamaha is targeting young customers in the age of 18-30 years.
  • Both the models will be available from beginning July 2014.
  • Yamaha-FZ-S-V2-Pics-front-150x150Yamaha-FZ-S-V2-Pics-headlampYamaha-FZ-S-V2-Pics-side-blueYamaha-FZ-Version2-Pic

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